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      Some farmers in California are having a hard time picking their crops.There are not enough workers to help them with the harvest.

      One farmer used to grow peaches(桃子) , but will soon grow almonds(杏仁) instead.Peaches require more labor to harvest.They are easy to be damaged and need careful hand picking.He is now removing his peachtree s.Then he will plant almond trees in their places.Almonds are harvested differently.It does not take as many workers to pick them because a machine shakes the almond trees.The nuts fallon the ground and then are gathered up.The farmer does not have to hire many workers.

      Some farmers think there are two reasons why they can't find enough farmworkers.One reason is that there area lot of well-paid construction jobs in the area.Many people are taking these jobs instead of picking fruit.The other reason is that it has become more difficult for workers to come from Mexico into California.Fewer workers are allowed to get into the country to work on the fruit farms.To settle the problem, farmers hope the government might allow these workers to work as guests.That would help workers provide for their family and help farmers harvest their crops.When the harvest season is over they'll go back home.Farmers say that unless things change, more fruits will come from other countries. This is because labor is cheaper in those countries than in the United States.

      36.What problem do some farmers have? ( )

      A.They have no workers to remove fruit trees.

      B.There is little land for growing fruit.

      C.Their crops were badly damaged last year.

      D.It's difficult to harvest their crops.

      37.Why does the peach farmer start to plant almonds?( )

      A.There is a greater demand for almonds.

      B.Growing almonds takes much less land.

      C.A machine can help get almonds off the trees.

      D.Almonds will fallon the ground when ripe.

      38.Why can't some farmers find enough workers to pick fruit?( )

      A.They grow too many peach trees.

      B.People prefer well-paid construction jobs.

      C.Few people want to work in California.

      D.Theydon't want to hire workers from Mexico.

      39.What will happen if the situation does not improve?( )

      A.The government wil hire workers to help with the harvest.

      B.More people will move to California from Mexico.

      C.Other countries will provide cheaper labor for US farmers.

      D.More fruits will be bought from other countries.


      Scientists have long tried to be able to know more about floods.So far, the best that scientists can do is to recognize the conditions for flooding.

      Although deep snow alone seldom causes floods, when it occurs together with heavy rain and sudden warmer weather, it can lead to serious flooding.If there is a fast snowmelt(融化) on top of frozen or very wet ground, flooding is likely to occur.Me ling snow also causes highwater levels in rivers. Whenever rivers are already at their highest possible levels, heavy rains will result in the rivers'flooding the nearby land.

      Rivers covered in ice can also lead to flooding.When ice begins to melt, it breaks into large pieces. These pieces of ice move and float down the river.They can block the river, causing the water to rise and flood the land up the river.If the iced am(壩) breaks suddenly, the large quantity of water held behind it can flood the areas down the river too.

      Broken ice dams are not the only problem that can cause flooding.When a large human-made dam breaks or fails to hold the water collected behind it, it will also cause serious damage.

      Although scientists can not always know when floods will occur, they do know a great deal about when floods are likely, or probably, going to occur.

      40.What have scientists achieved in dealing with floods?( )

      A.They have prevented many rivers from flooding.

      B.They have reduced the damage caused by floods.

      C.They have learned much about conditions for flooding.

      D.They have found most of the ice damson the river.

      41.When will deep snow lead to floods?.( )

      A.The snow suddenly gets frozen.

      B.The top of the ground becomes wet.

      C.I trains hard with a big rise in temperature.

      D.The snowmelt s gradually into a river.

      42.What happens when ice dams break?( )

      A. They may quickly block the river.

      B.The ice covering the river may melt fast.

      C.A larger iced am may soon be formed.

      D.The areas down the river maybe flooded.


      It was Sharing Day!The teacher had asked the students to bring something interesting to class.

      Jimmy found the little box he and Dad had made.Inside was apiece of rock, as and dollar and ashark(鯊魚(yú)) tooth.Nobody could have anything as interesting as these!

      In class, Jimmy waited anxiously, hoping to be called on first by the teacher.But Kara was first.She held up as and dollar.Jimmy's eyes grew big.

      “I found this on the beach, ”Kara said.“It's interesting.The little holes that make the sand dollarlook like a flower are breathing holes.See all the needles?They help the sand dollar move and dig into the sand.”

      Jimmy was a little uneasy.Oh, well, he still had his rock and sharktooth.

      Then Mark stood up.“This is my favorite rock, called pumice(浮石) .”Then Mark dropped the rock into a glass of water.“Look!Pumice is the only rock that floats!”

      Jimmy put up his hand and waved, but the teacher called on Justin instead.“I found this sharktooth in Hawaii last Christmas, ”Justin said.

      The class was excited, but Jimmy lowered his head.“Sharks have rows of teeth.Everytime a shark loses a tooth, another one takes its place.”Justin passed the tooth around.Jimmy heard the teacher call him.He stood on one foot and then the other.“Well, ah, see...my treasure box is interesting!It was just apiece of wood until Dad and I cut it into pieces and finally made a box out of it.It smells good, reminding us of camping.

      “What's inside?”asked Lisa.

      Jimmy opened his box.“As and dollar, a piece of pumice and a sharktooth.”

      His classmates'mouths dropped open.The teacher looked at the objects in the box and smiled.“Now that's interesting!”he said.

      43.On the Sharing Day, Jimmy___( )

      A.bought a treasure box to hold his interesting things

      B.enjoyed the things others brought to the class

      C.waited patiently to be called on by his teacher

      D.wished to be the first to share his possessions

      44.What does as and dollar look like according toKara?( )

      A.A hole. B.A needle.

      C.A flower. D.A tooth.

      45.Who shared with the class a rock that floats?( )

      A.Lisa. B.Kara. C.Justin. D.Mark.

      46.How did Jimmy's classmates feel when they saw the things in his box?( )

      A.Disappointed. B.Surprised.

      C.Anxious. D.Uneasy·


      Nineteen-year-old Melissa Goza couldn't figure out why she failed to get a bankcard time and time again.It only became clear when she was unsuccessful while looking for a new job in a Target store:Three df ferent people are using her Social Security number(社會(huì )保障號) .

      Target is one of the companies using credit(信用) reports when hiring new workers.Atleast one credit report didn't favor Goza in geting the job.Avery low credit rate(評價(jià)) was under Goza's Social Security number.Target, as required bylaw, told Goza why the company couldn't offer her the job.

      Sacramento lawyer Jennifer Shaw, a specialist in workplace law, says creditreports are just one more way employers use to find dishonest jobseekers.“I think we need to know that, right now, there's more information out there.And that means, there's more information that can be used against us,”said Shaw.

      Goza's dark cloud may, however, have a silver lining.Target told her she'd be considered again for the job if she could get a letter from the Social Security Department proving that she's the right owner of the Social Security number.

      Now that Goza knows she's suffered from other people's wrongdoings, she wil order copies of her creditreports to see what she can do to put things right.

      47.What do we know about Goza?( )

      A.She got the job from Target.

      B.She has had three bad friends.

      C.She doesn't have a bankcard yet.

      D.She was not honest with Target.

      48.What did Target first do when refusing to offer Goza the job? ( )

      A.They asked her for creditreports.

      B.They told her why she couldn't get the job.

      C.They found out her wrongdoings.

      D.They reported it to the Social Security Department.

      49.What does“a silver lining”in Paragraph 4 probably mean?( )

      A hopeful future.

      B.A bank report.

      C.An official letter.

      D.A Social Security number.

      50.What does Goza have to do next?( )

      A.Clear up her wrong creditreports.

      B.Get a new Social Security number.

      C.Find a job in another company.

      D.Apply for a new bankcard.






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